About Us

TechnoWP aims to provide you with a one-stop destination for everything about WordPress security. As the world is pushing towards digital, websites are becoming the new face of organizations. And to maintain a solid face and reputation, security takes utmost precedence.

We feel it’s more of our responsibility to share our experience and knowledge about WordPress security. Thus, here we are trying our best to keep you level with the latest and upcoming trends and practices.

Why pick WordPress security out of everything?

You know, we asked ourselves the same question, but only got one response: “Why not?” WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best CMS and website builders out there. There are a lot of blogs covering its intricacies and titbits in detail.

Honestly, our specialization and loyalties have always inclined towards security. And our knack and love towards technology is forever. So, began our journey of making WordPress websites safe and reliable, no matter what the issue is!

Website security is very important for a website, and there are very few resource websites that offer lucid and elaborate content. We’re not saying we’re the best (hey! We’re humble people :wink:), but we aspire to be. And in this process, we teach everything we know about WordPress security, learn about latest technological advancements too (Hey, we’ll keep you updated on that too!).Security to Technology!

Well think about it, what’s the most important resource in today’s digital era?- DATA.

Data is the most important asset of any company, and so security becomes the number one priority. With rapid digitalization, digital threats and thefts are also on a rise. We have to make sure that we prepare ourselves beforehand.

“Hope for the best but plan for the worst”. When it comes to security there is no surety, well not to freak you out but know that we’re right here! We want to make sure that anyone and everyone who has or wants to make a website gets complete and in-depth knowledge about WordPress security and technology. That is our ultimate goal!