How to Write the Most Clickable WordPress Headlines


When you write a headline for a post or article, it’s important to ensure that it grabs the reader’s attention and gets them interested in reading more. By following these tips, you can create catchy and informative headlines that will help you generate more traffic to your blog.

Find Out What Makes a Great Headline

The headline is your blog post’s first and most important impression. It draws people in, and if it’s not catchy or interesting, they’ll quickly scroll past it. So it’s important to get it right.

There are a few things to consider when writing a headline for your blog post. First, think about what keywords you want to target. You can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to find related keywords and figure out what words people are likely to type into a search engine when looking for information about that topic.

Next, consider how your headline appears on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Make sure the headline will fit well with the rest of your content and that it’s catchy enough that people will want to share it.

Finally, make sure the headline is true to your article content. Don’t try to deceive readers by including misleading or false information in your headline. This will only frustrate them and may lead them to stop reading your post altogether. Instead, stick to facts and information that you can substantiate with evidence.

Here are a few tips on how to write the most clickable WordPress headlines:

1. Use keywords throughout your headline and article. This will help Google and other search engines determine the content’s relevance and importance.

2. Make use of puns and alliteration in your headlines to create a more engaging read.

3. Use strong verbs and adjectives to draw readers in. For example, “How to Increase Website Traffic by 50% in 7 Simple Steps” is a much more compelling headline than “Increase Website Traffic.”

4. Keep things simple – don’t overcomplicate your headlines or articles with too many words or clauses. Just provide enough information to capture readers’ attention, but don’t go overboard.

Utilize Action Phrases to Draw Readers In

One of the most important is using action phrases that draw readers in. For example, one headline might say “8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic”, which provides an incentive for readers to click through to learn more. Other action phrases that can work well in blog headlines include “How to [accomplish significant task] on WordPress,” “5 Tips for [topic] Success on WordPress”, and “5 Surprising Secrets About [subject] That You May Not Know”. By using catchy and enticing headlines, you’ll ensure that your readers stick around long enough to learn all there is to know about your topic.

Use Numbers in Headlines

Numbers can be a great way to grab attention and help you stand out from the competition.

Here are four ways to use numbers in your headlines:

1) Use numbers as dollar amounts. For example, “How to Earn $5,000 Per Month Writing Online” is a compelling headline because it tells readers that writing online can lead to big earnings.

2) Use numbers as TOP. For example, “The Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Bloggers” is another catchy headline because it tells readers exactly what they need and want.

3) Use numbers as time values. For example, “How To Write A 7-Point Plan In Less Than 20 Minutes” is a powerful headline because it tells readers that they can create powerful blog posts in a short amount of time.

4) Use numbers as percentage. For example, “How To Create 250% More Engaging Blog Posts With This One Simple Trick” is a good headline because it tells readers that they can produce much more

Finally, Keep Your Headlines Short and Sweet

Try to make your headlines short and sweet. This will help you grab attention and encourage people to click through to read your post. Additionally, make sure the headline accurately reflects the content of the post. If it’s not clear what the headline is talking about, people may be turned off from reading it. Finally, ensure your headlines are catchy and stand out on Google search results.