When Was WordPress Created?

Back in the early days of 2000, when the internet was really starting to get a real push and websites were being developed by the hundreds each day, there is this open source tool used by those familiar with the system named b2/cafelog. It was a popular tool used by bloggers, but had a lot of limitations and it was really a very basic tool. Even with such things, it still proved to be useful and a favorite among bloggers, until two people decided to make a fork out of this software.

The names of these two people were Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, and in 2003 they successfully came out with their own version of this blogging tool, and Matt’s friend, Christine Selleck Tremoulet christened it with the name WordPress. Little did they know that they have created what would eventually become the most useful blogging and web page designing tool for the open source community, and by the current year to date, it is in use by more and 20 percent of the total web pages and blogs online, a significant number considering the number of programming software and web page developing tools out in the web these days.

So if we are talking about when WordPress was created, the safe date would have to be 2003, though no specific month or day can be said about this. However, license for this came out in 2004, and thanks to a company called Six Apart Ltd changing the licensing terms for Movable type package, many influential people resorted to migrating to WordPress, and it finally enjoyed a good break which led to its rise to popularity in the open source public.

It continued to expand and develop, and in 2009 it was already considered the strongest open source content managing system tool. If you talk to bloggers and web designers these days, it is not possible that they have not heard or even tried WordPress, in one version or another.

Their latest software release, the version 6.0 has in fact been downloaded more than 56,363,026 times in a few short months since its release in May 24, 2022. It goes to prove how popular this is in the open source market. This being free is the best aspect of this tool. You can do so many things with this and learn many ways on how to make webpages and blog sites, all for no price at all.