WordPress As A Video Site – Themes and Plugins

WordPress As A Video Site – Themes and Plugins

WordPress is deeply customizable and has evolved into a full content management system or “CMS” for many publishers, but it still isn’t the best choice for video sites – that crown is still held by Joomla, likely because it approaches the content not as a blog but as a way for navigating through a lot of content pulled from a database. Although this is essentially what WordPress does – WP still thinks like a blog – that is to say, it is hungry for updates so that it can post them on its front page, and have those updates commented upon by readers who subscribe to its RSS feed.

Joomla, on the other hand struggles as a blogging platform and instead excels at cataloging your content much like a library catalogs and displays book, allowing that content to be voted upon and rated, building communities and so on. They are both capable of much the same things, but they come at it in very different ways.  furthermore, someone with knowledge about installing and running a WordPress site does not necessarily share the tools for installing and running a Joomla CMS. Again: they are two different animals.

As WordPress slowly saturates the market as a full-blown CMS, we are on the lookout for ways in which people are solving both community building (in the sense that its readers can maintain profiles that go beyond a comment history) and as a multimedia platform.

While most successful port of the YouTube idea to WP are expensive custom jobs, there are a couple of solutions emerging for the rest of us worth a look.


The most effective page builder plugin is Divi, a well-liked WordPress theme. It provides a huge selection of full-width ready-made website layouts for various business niches.

The majority of Divi’s pre-built templates can accommodate video content in the header, background, header imagesliders, etc. Videos can also be easily added to any landing page.

You can edit your content on the front end using Divi’s page builder. Because you can easily point and click to change various elements of your site, it makes it really simple to use for beginners.


For any type of website, Ultra is a potent WordPress multipurpose theme. It includes a few pre-built sites that you can import with a single click to launch your website right away.

It has a fullscreen video background, customised widgets, countless colour schemes, and clean typography. Additionally, Themify Builder is included for simple customization.

Here is a list of many other video plugins for WordPress worth taking a look at; as always, try some out and see what works best for you.

While there are dozens of amazing highly customized themes for multimedia by frighteningly talented designers out there, most of them aren’t available to the common blogger without a budget. The resources above, however, should get you on your way.